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NEWTON Ask A Scientist program is not copyrighted formally. However, in any written work, a citation should be given to validate and give credence to the written work as well as credit the source of information.

The best approach should follow the suggested formats below:

MLA Format:
APA Format:
The MLA Style includes these components:

Author's name. Title of document. Online posting date. Online posting. Name of the forum. Date of access ‹URL›.

MLA Example:

Trach, Bob. "What Is Nanotechnology?" Online posting. 19 Sept. 2003. NEWTON Ask a Scientist. 10 Jan. 2010 ‹
The APA Style includes these components:

Author's name. (date of posting). Title of document. Message posted to URL

APA Example:

Trach, Bob. (2003, September 19). What is Nanotechnology? Message posted to

  • Since there may be two people or more scientists addressing a question, all the authors should be listed in alphabetical order.

  • If there is not a date posted on your question, remember leave that field blank.

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