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Are you a math, science or computer teacher/professor or scientist?

If so, we would like to request that you consider participating in Argonne National Laboratory's Ask A Scientist Service [AAS] by volunteering to answer questions from K-12 students and teachers in your field of expertise.

Here is a brief explanation as to how this all works.

NEWTON is run by the Educational Programs Group at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, USA. We have been in operation since 1991 and we receive a wide variety of questions by email or via our web page from all over the world from chiefly the K-12 school environment.

These questions are assigned as physics, chemistry, earth science, materials science,astronomy, engineering, math, computer science, zoology, molecular biology, veterinarian or they are placed in the general category. We receive, jury and email the questions to those scientists assigned in the category (ies) that best fits the question. Scientists, in turn, are not obligated to answer any question of course.

Any questions that are of interest and addressed by you, simply reply to the question and it returns to us [Steve Sample or Nathan Unterman.]. We send a copy to the person who originally asked the question and send a copy to our archives in NEWTON

All questions sent out begin with the subject line of: NEWTON ...

To help me along, we ask that you include the original question and information of the person sending the question including their email address to allow us to process the questions quickly. We receive about 100 questions per week (and on occasion in single days). Also sign your work or include your signature at the end of your answer.

Keep in mind, you are not obligated to answer any question and this activity will not clutter your email account (we do not receive that many questions per content area). We return about 70% of the questions received to the sender when the question is too vague or easily answered via references.

Scientists are polled as to what subject areas they feel comfortable answering questions. Some scientists ask to receive all questions and others request that we limit questions to one or more specific categories. Please advise us as to your wishes.

If you are interested, send us a simple vita or short biography and the catagories of interest!

We do the rest!

Thanks again for your help,
NEWTON AAS Volunteers

Email: Ask A Scientist Service

NEWTON is an electronic community for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12 Educators, sponsored and operated by Argonne National Laboratory's Educational Programs, Andrew Skipor, Ph.D., Head of Educational Programs.

For assistance with NEWTON contact a System Operator (, or at Argonne's Educational Programs

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